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Abdul Latif Jameel Finance Introduces Electric Vehicle Financing Program of up to EGP 3 million

Cairo, 21 May 2024: Abdul Latif Jameel Finance has announced the introduction of a new financing program in Egypt, specifically designed for the purchase of electric vehicles. This program aims to make it easier for customers to own an electric vehicle by offering innovative financing options tailored to their needs.


Customers are requested to make a down payment of at least 20% to access financing value for up to EGP 3 million, with a flexible tenor of up to 5 years. Additionally, customers can take advantage of insurance, maintenance, and spare parts financing programs of up to EGP 150,000, which aims to provide comprehensive protection for customers and their electric vehicles.

عبد اللطيف جميل فاينينس


Siraj Banqail , CEO of Abdul Latif Jameel Finance, said: “The introduction of the electric vehicle financing program aligns with our belief in the significance of environmental preservation and our dedication to promoting a more sustainable future. This program is a valuable investment for the future, offering potential for growth and advancement in the automobile industry. Moreover, it coincides with the government’s initiative to exempt electric vehicles from customs, further emphasizing our commitment to supporting this transition.”


Electric vehicles are considered a sustainable alternative to traditional fuel-powered vehicles due to their operation solely on electric power. This not only helps in minimizing carbon dioxide emissions and air pollution but also plays a significant role in advancing the objectives of sustainability and environmental protection.


The launch of this program demonstrates Abdul Latif Jameel Finance’s dedication to enhancing customer experience by providing a range of financing options and solutions tailored to meet their evolving needs.

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